Specialty Services

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Speed Engineering offers certain specialty services that enable us to support key elements of customerís product design life-cycle. These services include:

Rotor Dynamics

Rotor dynamic analysis of turbine rotor systems including rotor-stator interaction
Identification of critical speeds, Backward and Forward whirl prediction
Forced torsional response analysis to simulate electric faults (short-circuit)
Unbalance response calculations, Power train alignment analysis
Evaluation of response to base excitations

Blade Vibrations

Turbo-machinery blade vibrations and Campbell diagrams
Modal cyclic symmetry analysis and Interference diagrams
Forced Vibration (Harmonic and Transient Dynamic Analysis)
Estimation of structural and material damping

Coupled-field Analysis

Thermo-electric analysis
Electro-magnetic analysis

Field failure investigations

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Fault-Tree Analysis (FTA)
Low cycle and High cycle fatigue life assessment (LCF / HCF)

Design of Experiments

Design optimization using Design of Experiments techniques
Transfer functions and optimization using Response Surface Methods (RSM)