Industrial Products and Machines

We pride ourselves with the ability to efficiently integrate our expertise in various engineering functional areas to provide end-to-end product design and development support to our valued customers. We execute several such projects for the Industrial products and machines domain, few of which are listed below:

Design and development of gensets and support up to the prototype build and validation phases:

  • Genset architecture design and selection of bought-out components and sub-systems
  • Concept and detailed design of genset base-frame, acoustic enclosure (canopy) and control panel, 3D CAD modelling, detailed manufacturing and installation / GA drawings of all sub-systems.
  • Integration of muffler (silencer), design of plumbing and other auxiliary components.
  • CFD analysis and optimization of enclosure restriction and air flows
  • Structural integrity assessment of gensets for lifting, transportation, snow and wind loads.
  • Transmission Loss (TL) prediction of acoustic mufflers
  • Genset room ventilation CFD simulations for ventilation fan selection and location optimization.
  • Creation of technical publications such as parts books, Service manuals and Operating manuals.
Engine Applications:

For various industrial and marine applications of engine, our team supports concept and detailed design activities, stress and vibration simulations as well as failure investigations.

Centrifugal Pumps:

Starting with the technical specifications, we have supported several projects for clean sheet of paper designs for centrifugal pumps. The initial hydraulic design is arrived at using our in-house developed 1D calculators which is further optimized using 3D CFD and Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques. Mechanical design is validated through a detailed Stress analysis using FEM.

For special applications such as Oil & Gas industry, we also have the capability to create and assess the designs that are compliant to stringent API and ASME standards.


We support our customers in Oil & Gas industry in a range of activities such as design calculations as per ASME / API / BPVC / ISO / DNV GL standards, Elasto-plastic stress simulations to assess acceptance against standard requirements, CFD analysis for flow coefficient and pressure drop predictions, Creation of 3D CAD models and detailed manufacturing drawings. We have supported a range of valve types including ball valves, needle valves, gate valves, check valves, bypass control valves and solenoid actuated valves.

Process Equipment:

Heat exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Industrial fans, Blowers, Sugar process equipment such as evaporators and vacuum pans, etc are some of the process equipment for which we provide support in following areas:

  • Design calculations
  • 3D CAD modelling and detailing, Creation of fabrication drawings
  • CFD simulations for performance and design optimization
  • Stress analysis for operating, wind and seismic loading
  • Structural integrity assessment for TEMA and ASME standards
Off-Highway Equipment, Farm Equipment and Construction Machinery:

For this segment, we support our customers in various activities such as creation of design layouts, concept and detailed designs, stress assessment for operating and shock loads, vibration assessments for harmonic and random excitations, failure investigations, etc

Special Purpose Machines and Test Rigs:

We have executed several SPM and test rig design projects that catered to the specific needs of the customer. We have also designed pneumatically and hydraulically actuated complex systems for niche applications such as defence. Our cross-functional team has consistently demonstrated the ability to understand and effectively translate customer’s requirements into design. By seamlessly integrating with manufacturing partners in our ecosystem, we have also manufactured and commissioned a few of these machines and rigs.

Material Handling, Packaging and Logistics:

Transportation skids, Material handling equipment, Trolleys, etc are some of the products we help our customers design and validate using FEA. We also support prototype build and testing of these by engaging our manufacturing partners.

Medical Equipment and Devices:

One of the focus areas for us is to support creation of cost-effective medical equipment that can benefit the larger population. We are constantly looking to use frugal innovation to simplify devices and reduce cost without losing functionality.