Finite Element Analysis

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our capabilities in FEA span a range of product domains including Turbo-machinery, Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial products. Using FEA, we help customers assess the structural integrity of the design and provide recommendations for improvement and optimization. We use ANSYS as our primary tool for Finite Element Analysis.


Thermal and Structural analysis of Steam Turbine, Land-based Gas Turbine and Aero-engine components:
  • Transient thermo-mechanical and stress analysis of gas turbine rotors and casings
  • Low cycle Fatigue (LCF) and High cycle fatigue (HCF) life assessment
  • Analysis of Bolted and Gasket Joints: Joint characterization and Leakage prediction
  • Weight reduction and design optimization using DoE
  • Modal and harmonic analysis of turbo-machinery components, Generation of Campbell diagrams


  • Thermal, Structural analysis and Fatigue life assessment of IC engine components:
    • Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Crank-shaft, Connecting Rod & Valve-train components
    • Exhaust system (Exhaust manifold, Turbo-charger, EGR)
    • Fuel system components (Fuel pump, injector, accumulator)
    • Mounting systems and Brackets
  • Modal and Forced response analysis of IC engine components, Identification of potential resonant conditions
  • Structural analysis of automotive chassis under shock loads


Modal Analysis of aerospace structures
Structural analysis and life estimation of aerospace structures


Thermal, Structural and Dynamic Analysis of Industrial products:
  • Pumps and Compressors, Motors and Alternators
  • Cooling Systems: Radiators, Charge Air Coolers (CAC) and Heat Exchangers
  • Machine Tools and Special Purpose Machines (SPMs)
  • Diesel and Gas Gensets
  • Off-Highway Equipments, Tractors and Agricultural Equipments
  • Domestic Appliances