Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Our capabilities in CFD span a range of product domains including Turbo-machinery, Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial products. During the design stage we help our customers to finalise the aerodynamic/hydraulic shapes, predict abnormalities and get the optimal performance of the product through CFD.


  • Aerodynamic design of rotating machines, such as axial fans, turbocharger / hydraulic pump impellers, blade shape of gas and steam turbines etc
  • Study of impact (main effect & interactions) of various design parameter on a performance of a turbomachine using DOE
  • Performance map prediction of the fans, gas turbines and shifting of maps at desired point by doing design modifications
  • Transient and moving mesh simulations to predict the time dependent phenomena
  • Prediction of heat transfer coefficients and pressure data for structural analysis
  • Prediction of cavitation in the pumps
  • High quality mesh / grid generation


  • Performance prediction in terms of pressure drop / flow, thermal characteristics of,
    • HVAC system
    • Coolant system
    • Exhaust system
    • Fuel system
  • Sloshing analysis of a automotive fluid containers such as fuel tank
  • Analysis of oil cooling of brake, clutch etc
  • Optimization / sizing of heat exchangers such as radiator, charge air cooler, oil cooler
  • Flow and temperatures pattern prediction under-hood and inside passenger compartment, inside head/tail lamps
  • External aerodynamics simulation of vehicles


  • External flow pattern over a wing or aerodynamic shape
  • Analysis of compressor and turbine stages
  • Flow prediction and optimization of convergent-divergent nozzle
  • Flow and temperature prediction of cockpit and passenger cabin


  • Flow and thermal performance prediction of reciprocating, rotatory compressors, pumps
  • Pump sumps analysis for effect of various vortex breaker concepts
  • Genset enclosure CFD analysis
  • Heat exchangers / pressure vessels CFD analysis
  • 1D flow network calculations
  • Ventilation of workshops, tunnels, buildings and optimization of air movement